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Yummy Vegetarian Recipe | Curry Stew

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After watching What the Health and other documentaries I know that more people are searching for vegetarian recipes. With so many people making the switch to a more plant based diet I wanted to share with you one of my favorite vegetarian recipe which happens to be a curry stew. I recently posted a photo on my Instagram of this delicious vegetarian stew that I made. So many of you really liked the photo and wanted all the details.

I am a firm believer that vegan or vegetarian food should still taste good! This one is packed with flavor, nutritious, and filling. You can enjoy it with your favorite rice, roti, fried dumplings, or just make a wrap using tortilla. If you would like to watch the video to see how I make this please click HERE.

To make this vegetarian curry stew I used some curry powder, added some soy chunks and chickpeas aka garbanzo beans. I promise you that this is a meal that the entire family will enjoy. I do plan on sharing more vegetarian friendly recipes with you all, so please stay tuned for that. The recipe and directions are listed below.

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